I am the center of the universe.


It may sound conceited, narcissistic even, but I assure you it is the truth, and I can prove it scientifically.

If I measure the size of the universe in front of me, It will measure infinity. If I measure behind me, infinity. Left, right, up down, all read infinity. Since the universe extends equally in all directions, I am at the center of the universe.


The universe centers upon me.

I decide to move 10 meters forward and take my measurements again. I measure infinity in all directions, making me the center of the universe once again. I move 1200 km south and measure again. And again I measure infinity in all directions. Again, I am the center of the universe. No mater how far I travel, the universe centers upon me.


By your logic every place in the universe is the center of the universe. Does infinite space even have a center?


Why yes it does, it’s everywhere.

I call upon others to measure, and they measure the same infinity in all directions. No matter how far away they are, they are right here with me, at the center of the universe. Everywhere in the universe is right here at the center. The endless moons, planets, stars, all right here at the center of the universe. A single point with infinite mass, so small it has infinite density. We are all a singularity.


So there is nothing special about you…


Exactly. There is nothing special about any of us, we are all one.


Your measuring devices might show infinity but it also could be out of range. If there is something, there must be a cause of something. If there is a cause there is also a beginning and most likely an end. So I assume space is defined by those two, meaning we are not at the center of the universe.


So is the universe infinitely small as well as infinitely large? If that is the case, then there must be infinite a number of possible dimensions everywhere.


what a bunch of nerds… :ugeek: lets join in!!!
the universe is a torus so you’ll end up eventually from where you start… we just aren’t sophistocated enough to see our own backsides…
thats the truth… you see the the theory is valid because we all eventually return to tom’s youtube channel :sunglasses:


How self-centred


I’m the only real person In this universe, the rest of you are from parallel universes that are overlapping mine, hence I am the center of my universe and you are all the centers of your own. :smiley:


In the Immortal words of Monty Python “let Pray there’s intelligent life some where up in space because there’s bugger all down here on Earth!” :lol:


Ok, lets just think for a moment

There are hundreds of billions of stars visible from earth.
if 1 in 10 of them have planets
and 1 in 100 of those planets can sustain life
that is still billions of life sustaining planets.

We know that there are about 7.5 billion people on earth

So, with billions of planets, but only 7.5 billion people, the odds of encountering another person, in so small, that statistically, most (if not all) of you must me figments of my deranged imagination.
Hence, I must be the centre of the universe, as the rest of you do not exist

Ok, I now feel slightly bad for that terrible H2G2 reference.


But we must not neglect those who believe that the earth is flat and that we can not go beyond the limit.


I see that you are a good thinker and that you never move in a vacuum. For me, it’s day-to-day, I go ahead without asking myself questions.