In desperate need of help


Please can someone help me please
I have a rep rap prusa i3 clone and my GT2560 board went bad so I have now got a Arduino Mega and ramps 1.4
Whilst waiting for the new board I did some upgrades “basically rebuilt it all” with 3/4 ply and extruded aluminium so there is 0 movement
I have also removed all the belts and converted to direct drive with T8 on X. Y. Z.
And end stops for min and max on all X. Y. Z
and also upgraded the display to 12864 reprap discount full graphic smart controller
The big problem is when it comes to Arduino and marlin lets just say I am good with my hands but crap with programming and I am getting so many errors
Can anyone help me pretty please
Here are photos of the build so far
Obviously I need to print new parts so please excuse some of the glue and wooden sticks :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Wooow many questions :smiley:

Ok the geetech burned up because the heatbed draws to much power and the connector isn’t good enough.
SAME on the ramps.
Running a printerboard for hours on the edge kills it.
Buy a MKS gen 1.4 they are cheap and have good connectors and mosfets.

I have also removed all the belts and converted to direct drive with T8 on X. Y. Z.

This makes only sense if you want to use it as an cnc machine.
Also the diodes are not needed for the stepper drivers you are using.
(but you have not connected them so it is good)
They are only necessary for the DRVxxxx drivers.

The necessary steps for the T8 nuts you can calculate with:



The reprap display won’t work if you haven’t installed the library in arduino for it
If you dont have the lib. say you don’t have a display connected at first, fix it later if all the basics work
same for your endstops and other not important things. You don’t need min and max, on x and y, it will only cause more errors.

maybe upload your config files and errors, makes it easier to check what’s wrong specificaly.

PS, it looks like a fire hazard. :wink:



He need the min endstops :wink:
Ok he can set the zero positions by hand / but no one wants that :wink: