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Howdy, I joined the forum some time ago, but never introduced myself. I’m Dik and live in Georgia, USA. I’m a retired IT professional, life long woodworker, and started printing 5-6 years ago when a fellow I was doing some CAD and prototype work for gave me a version of a Sells Mendel to print prototypes with. I used it for 2-3 years until I stopped doing things for him, and it sat covered in my lab off of my wood shop. When in 2017 I decided to start printing again, the Mendel had all kinds of issues and I could not get it working again. In December 2017 I ordered a MK3 and received it in March 2018. I love the MK3 and use it mostly for things for my shop. Eventually I want to restore the Sells Mendel. Because of the dust that seeps into the lab from the shop, I have built an enclosure for the MK3 .

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Also a newbie here, our main focus being on3d rendering services rather than 3d printing. Just starting to become acquainted with 3d printing and the industry, hence why i joined the forum


Hello All,
My name is René Schmidts, located in South Germany.
I got my first printer in February 2018, a Tevo Tornado. Some days ago I finished the build of my second one. It’s a Prusa clone more or less.
I’m a trained electrician, but working in sales.
3d printing is completing my possibilities and interests.
I like to have good discussions and getting new ideas…

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The name’s Jason. The place’s San Antonio. The project’s a RepStrap.

I’m a senior in high school doing a research project on the feasibility of scrapping old printers (2D printers, mind you) into 3D printers.
My main goal is to have a working 3D printer by April, while also compiling data about different types of printers to scrap, what parts to expect, what skills are needed, etc.

I’ve been enthusiastic about 3D printing for two years now, and I was 3D printing sensei of the 2 Prusa MK3’s our school got last year. (psa, never let an unskilled student use one, EVER)

Anyways, I’ve only recently joined online communities in hopes of finding more information regarding bootstrap RepRap machines (RepStraps, RepScraps, and others) similar to my project.
If you know, or you know someone who knows, or you have a close friend or relative or spouse or neighbor that might know where to find good info about this kind of thing, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Thanks y’all!

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Hi, I am James living in New Zealand.
I picked up my first 3d printer a year ago, but before that I was scratch building projects.
This has fed my hunger for tinkering, given me a reason for learning CAD (I have tried and failed so many times because I had no avenue to do anything with the designs, now I have!), and given me the ability to create so much more.

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Nice too meet all of you new folks! Keep up the enthusiasm :slight_smile:


Hi all,

my name is Jan and I live at the South-West coast of Ireland (known as West-Cork). I am originally German but live here since over 16 years now. I have purchased my 1st 3D printer in September 2018. I have a Prusa i3 Mk3 which I am still very happy with. I am printing mostly in ABS and recently got to like PC very much as well. draft and test prints are often PLA. I am not into figurines etc… I mostly print stuff that is useful in some way. To design stuff I use Fusion 360 with an non commercial education license. Took some getting used to but with Youtube by my side I get most things done pretty OK. Probably not yet most efficient but I get by. Issues I had so far was mostly my own problems with 1st later tuning and also temperature issues while printing. I am currently using a temporary Card Board made enclosure on top of a custom build steel table. That has fixed most of my temperature related issues. Other issues are the PEI sheet on the original Prusa spring steel sheet, it just does not last long enough in my opinion. I have a couple of cracks in it. Still have the rear side which is unused so far. I have replaced the nozzle with the hardened nozzle and use Octoprint, latest change was the “Nozzle-X” from E3D which is worth every cent. Other than that the Prusa is original. My next project will be to complete the enclosure for the Prusa and also build a Core-XY printer. I have been looking at kits. There is ofc the RailCore kit but that does not sell in the EU yet. So I go with the Rat Rig V-Core and add a Titan Aqua or Aero and a Duet 2 Ethernet plus a E3D 230V Heated bed. I am still researching regarding Linear Rail vs. V-Groove… Will probably start off with the kit as it come with the V-Groove system and see how that goes. Main goal is a 32 bit controlled printer that can go fast if needed with a big nozzle and be precise if wanted. The end game ofc would be a E3D tool change but that’s the far future, want to get the Core-XY going 1st and see how I get on.

In real life I am Network Engineer for an ISP here in West-Cork, I love sailing and do hobby electronic DIY stuff for fun. My job is also my hobby, I spend a lot of time on Linux/Unix systems for fun to try out stuff and educate myself.

So that about me for now.

Thanks to Tom, his YT Videos have helped me a lot to get started and gave me a good inside before I selected my 1st printer. I don’t regret spending a couple hundred euro more on the Prusa cause it saved me from a ton of frustration with CN cheap and cheerful and the build of it was really not difficult.

Have FuN!

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Hi all!

My name is Attila, and I live in the southwest part of Slovakia, about 30km from the Hungarian border. I’ve heard about 3D printing a few years ago, but I wasn’t interested in it, I’ve had a PLA print of a NAB reel adapter for reel to reel tape recorders printed for me by a friend who had a printer.
Last year in March I found myself a new job, where there was an Anet A8 in the office, however nobody knew how to use it, they just printed some sample G code files from the SD card. The company I work for is making custom electronic devices for order, so we often need high quality custom enclosures, and that’s what the 3D printer was bought for. I started to tinker with it, but couldn’t get any usable result from it. To shorten the story, I ended up buying a Prusa i3 mk3 for myself, printing an enclosure on it for work, and my bosses loved it so much, that we bought two Prusas to work, and recently I sold them my own printer as well. They have been upgraded to MK3S, and we’re waiting for delivery of two MMU2S multi material kits, which should be due in a month.
I’m doing the 3D design of our printed parts, maintaining and cleaning the printers, etc., my colleagues just know how to take off the parts, clean the bed and start a new print, so if I’m out of office, the printers are working almost 24/7.

After gathering experience with these three i3s, I started to build a 3D printer recently. That’s also the reason why I joined this forum, as I have some questions :slight_smile:


Nice too meet you folks


Hi guys! My name is Josh and I am a 3D printing engineer from Poland. I have been doing 3D printing for five years now. This is not only my job, but also my main hobby.

I would like to share with you my last work.

At my work I need to create a meter-wide model of the Honda HA-420 HondaJet. To do this, I had scanned a small original metal model from the HONDA factory. Thus, I had obtained a 3D model in order to increase it proportionally and create a meter-wide model. I had printed parts of the final model on the 3D printer Hercules Strong 2017 and Picaso Designer X. For this I used ABS plastic from REC. I had processed all the seams on the model with solvents and stitched it up with a Myriwell RP100B 3D pen. After that, I processed the model with sandpaper and painted.

Also during the process I put a complete wiring system into the model.
I made a stand for the model on a SolidCraft CNC-6090 milling machine using 25 mm MDF, and then painted it.

I will be glad to answer any of your questions. What do you think about this work?