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Hi, my name is Nils ‘@kojote’ Hitze and I’m your friendly neighborhood Forum Mod.

Besides swinging the Banhammer here, I am also a Software Developer (fulltime), briefly was the Community Manager of Makible (Makibox 3D Printers), helped building the community of the G+ 3DP Community, sold 3D Printers in Germany, have seven kids, was Tom’s colleague at BQ and am Tom’s Merchandising / Opportunity guy at Tom’s 3D.

Here is a picture of my printcave with the BQ Hephestos 2, Printrbot Simple Metal. Not in the picture but under the table my defunct Ultimaker 1 Original from 2012 - where it all started.

Nice to meet you, who’s next?


Well, ok, since you asked and to keep the ball rolling. :wink:

I, too, write code for food (and to support my increasingly expensive hobbies). I’m running a tiny german blog where I ramble on about my experiences with 3D printing (at Here’s my current “production” line:


It all started with this guy, however, which is still hanging in and has been nothing but reliable to me. More so than some of the others in fact.

While the picture might indicate otherwise, I do not usually shoot batteries (only the crappy ones - just kidding). I do have a LiIon battery fetish. I test them and publish my results at Which I guess could be called my 2nd hobby besides reshaping plastic.

And the electronics / battery testing corner looks like this:

This concludes the tour of my “hobby basement”.
Who’s next? :wink:


I wish I had print caves like both of you, but I’ve only got one Prusa I3 MK2s clone that I just put together three weeks ago. I watched Tom’s MK2 clone videos and I just had to try it for myself. It cost me more in parts than it would have been just to buy a kit, but it was fun to make. I’ve ran it for about 30 hours so far with only some minor hiccups. I’m hoping to figure out how to fix some of them here on this forum or may be on Tom’s monthly Patreon webcast Q&A. I hope this Forum grows into a great source of information. Glad to be here. :smiley:


That’s like a LOT of batteries you have there :slight_smile:

My new hobby is called Cold Brew Coffee, I don’t blog about it yet. But it’s very yummy :slight_smile:


@JustinF, watch out… it starts with just one printer and then they start multiplying. :wink: And since you can build them yourself, i could imagine there’s even more temptation to try out something new and different. I don’t think i could do one all by myself, i have absolutely no talent for putting things together.

Cold brew coffee? That does sound interesting. You should blog about it… My batteries… err… there might be close to 800 pieces atm. Waiting for the next annual recycling day at the local recycling center to offload a few more. The garage is getting full again.



Hey there! Mega Making here! I am from Malaysia.

Owned my first 3d printer around 13 months ago been addicted to 3d printing since then. Also been watching and following tom’s videos for almost a year now. Inspired by Tom, I’ve started my 3d printing/maker youtube channel. I wanted to show you my man cave… but is really messy… :lol:

Btw… where is tom :smiley:


Hi my name is Jes, im 28 and from denmark. Not really a cave, more like office closet. :slight_smile: I got my A8 in December.


Hi, my name is Thomas and i´m working as a electronics technician in an warranty return lab here in bavaria, germany.
I´m also programming a bit as a hobby (Autoit Scripting and which also helps a bit getting around the 3D printing hard/software.
I started my 3D printing adventure by getting an used 3DP-100 from pollin electronics that is currently heavily modified for fun and learning.
From my experience i can also say that when you start tinkering with the printers they sudenly start multiplying like magic and so recently i received an ANET A8 that has been modified for ABS printing and i´m still waiting for an original Prusa i3 MK2s (the shipping times are crazy atm).

The printing “cave” will follow when the printers are in working condition and there are still plans for encasing them (IKEA hacks) with a central power supply and octoprint management. I´ll try to document that as good as possible.



Carsten from Berlin here. Blender Monkey since nearly 20 years. So I do all my modelling with Blender (“Fachidiot”). Wrote a book about Blender and do my living with it. 3D Printing became more and more my hobby the last years (started with a Velleman k8200). Also doing many Make stuff and Arduino/Raspi.

Like to share my knowledge here.



I’m very tempted to do a core xy machine like the one on youtube called the Hypercube by Tech2C. I’m really surprised you haven’t built your own printer after seeing all those electronics testing tools on your bench. :smiley:
Thanks for the reply


Hello from the UK!

I’m rather new to this but have been watching a few of Tom’s videos especially the cheap i3 clone.

I’ve just moved house and now have a rather messy print cave to sort out. By fortunate circumstances I picked up a very cheap M3D micro locally and have just bought an A8 (please don’t ban me for mentioning it) also very cheap due to a missing motor Mount.

The plan is to print the missing part with the M3D, get the A8 working to a reasonable quality then probably sell the M3D. I doubt that’ll happen though as I quite like that simple little thing!

Starting to teach myself part design and hoping to learn enough here to get some decent print quality.


Fixed your embeded images


Cheers, was going to do that when I got to a PC. Mobile was giving me issues!


Morning all!

I’m completely new to 3d printing, though I have made lots of other stuff before including hi-fi, guitars, furniture, tools etc. So, inspired by the Dolly, here’s my effort:


Never had printer before, and had no access to printed parts, so made entirely from 12mm MDF and offcuts of aluminium angle of assorted sizes. Just finishing the setup, only bed levelling to set up now, so I hope to get a first print out of this thing today! :slight_smile:


I like the color :slight_smile:


my name is Benjamin, I’m currently living in Munich, and I started with 3D printing beginning 2016 by buying a Dremel Idea Builder. Since then my 3D printer arsenal got extended by a Flashforge Creator Pro and a Mini Kossel kit, not to forget the big pile of filament spools for material testing. Currently I’m thinking about extending my tool set with the laser cutter from Mr. Beam - but I have so little space left in my flat :? . Why has nobody told me 3D printing can be addictive before I got into it? :wink:

My original goal for starting in 3D printing was to be able to print my own 3D models for teaching purposes, since one of my other hobbies is teaching rescue swimming and lifeguarding techniques as well as rescue boat driving. In preparation for my trainer licenses I’ve very much enjoyed the training method of simulating real life / rescue scenarios with Playmobil toys - but other than my fellow trainers I’m too lazy to crawl the garage sales to find my own set of Playmobil toys. I rather wanted to teach myself how to design such toys on my own and after starting with Tinkercad now Onshape is my preferred tool for doing this. Funny enough I now can use these capabilities to solve problems for me and my friends by designing and making stuff, something I did not plan beforehand but now is very nice to have.

Following are my three “print cave” members (unfortunately a print cave is still to come, my printers are all spread across my flat yet):

  1. Dremel Idear Builder with my custom made heatbed, replaceable spool holder and/or fume extraction unit

  2. Flashforge Creator Pro in custom made noise cancelling box (so that I can print also during the night w/o making my neighbors too angry)

  3. Anycubic Kossel kit in a custom made IKEA hack (Molger series)

In my professional life I’m working in a corporate IT headquarter trying to keep the IT running and not getting crazy from day to day burocracy, corporate thinking and management bullshit bingo. Getting started in 3D printing has helped my a lot in compensating for the daily boredom at work.

Thanks to Tom for all the useful videos already provided and yet to come - the information contained therein has really helped me a lot to get a better understanding of the challenges in 3D printing and one of my future goals is to design my own 3D printer, trying to combine the best approaches I’ve come across out there that could cater my needs.

Looking forward to awesome years to come and to getting to know more of you guys.


I really really like the 2nd enclosure. Like a Pro :slight_smile:


Ah, the trusty old Dremel 3D20. It’s what got me hooked as well.

and that’s an impressive spool holder u gave it there :wink:


Richard 47 Fulltime Software Engineer from Eichstaett Bavaria. Rest of my 3D Beginners story already posted in my own introduction thread.
Warm welcome to everyone and hopefully this will get a new place of knowledge. I’m tired of “Täglich grüßt das Murmeltier” FB Groups reading the same 3-5 questions over and over again every day :smiley:

Regards Richard