Introduction Thread #printcave


My small one:

Im 20y oldand i currently study IT-Sec


My name’s Todd, and I live in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

I’ve been doing network/structured cabling for years, but lack of work has me working at a Ford assembly plant (so if you have a newer Edge, Flex, MKX or ugly MKT I probably touched it). Looking to get back into the cabling business, as doing the same thing 500-600 times a day non-stop is really old.

Very new to the whole 3D printing thing, so still trying to get this thing printing 100%. I think I’m fairly close to winning the battle though. A couple of goofy things still happening I need to work on.

Here’s my mess of a #printcave, as this was the last room to be unpacked when we moved, so don’t judge. :slight_smile: Between 10 hour work days, 2 hours of commuting, and an 8 month old baby, there isn’t much free time.


Hey I’m Caleb from Australia.

I got my first printer in Feb this year, a Prusa i3 Mk2 kit just as I was getting a job in the commercial side of things. I now run a physical 3D printer, printing and component shop selling commercial printers and filaments to the public who look at printing as a means to an end instead of a hobby in itself.

Most of my printing at the moment is running tests for customers and familiarizing myself with a wide range of commercial machines and interesting filaments. This weekend I’m fitting the MK2S upgrade, ignus polymer bearings and a volcano block and nozzle to my personal machine.

My print cave extends to the store, where I use a FF Dreamer, MBR5 and FF Inventor II to run demos and prints for customers.



I’m a student from France,I’ve been into 3D printing since 2010 and I got my first 3D printer 2 years ago (a Prusa clone called the Xi3).

I do a lot of 3D modeling using OpenSCAD and Fusion 360.
I mostly print functional objects that I designed or downloaded.

I also work on multiple projects using arduino or python, currently I’m trying to develop a plugin for octopi.

I don’t have a print cave yet (not enough space), so my printer sits on the corner of my workbench.


Ive spent some time upgrading my printer




Well, thanks to



my name is Alex and I’m an electrical engineering student.
I got into 3d printing after i saw the work of tom and a few others, which convinced me to buy my first printer (Vellemann K8200) back in 2014.
I immediately saw that it needed quite a lot of work and improvements.
After the first round of Updates (Octopi, E3Dv6, glas plate, a few printed parts here and there) I was ok with what it can do, but now its screaming for further improvements.


Upcoming updates:

  • Conversion to 1.75mm Filament
  • Prusa i3 Mk2s Extruder
  • Dual Z-Axis with trapezoidal spindles
  • 24V Silicon Heatbed and Aluminium Bed
  • Z-Endstop: Inductive Sensor
  • Prusa i3 Mk2s’ish X and Y Axis for better movement
  • Improved Cablemanagement
  • LED lights for the printing chamber

BR and happy printing,


Lovely Case!


Hey all,

I’m James from the UK.

Here’s my Printrbot Metal Plus with Multi Material Upgrade I made for it, going to be moving into a bigger space soon so I can set up my other printers :-).


Also hi from the UK!

Currently at 3 Printers (and hoping the kickstarter Obsidian will arrive eventually)…

The Obsidian will hopefully replace/upgrade the M3D… which was great with the octoprint m3dfio plugin installed, but has now developed a “cant do round circles” issue at small diameters, I think the belts are loose… but those are glued in.


The boxmodel Prusa i3 has been a workhorse, 3mm and used with ABS (never got around to figuring out PLA on it). The Prusa MK2S is new (September, <30days before the MK3 appeared! 2.5 upgrade in the post…)


Hmpf, adding photos to this forum is hard… as for having em the correct way up…


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Hey, I’m Dan Keller (@MrCarefulGamer on Twitter). I live in SE Minnesota. My “print cave” consists of a rolling cart which I transport into the kitchen when I need/want to print (which is quite often, actually) and hidden in the closet when I don’t.

My current printer is the Prusa MK3, though I started out with a kit from a US CNC company “Bob’sCNC”. The latter now belongs to one of my kids who loves to tinker.



Hello I’m René Schmidts, living in South Germany.
My print cave is containing two printers currently.
The first one is a Tevo Tornado with a lot of modifications.
The second one is a Prusa style printer with linear rails on all axes. You may find it as “BLVmod” on Thingiverse.