Is 3d Printing YouTude Dying?

I posted this over on the /reddit/Ender3 sub-reddit, however, I figured I post it here as well, I REALLY like Thomas’s videos, and wait for each one, and watch each one, however, I’m wondering if these videos are going away?

Is it just me, or does it seem like the content, of most of the recent 3d Printing YouTube videos, is starting to overlap? Building X printer has been done, printing Y filament has been done, and Z upgrade has been done. With the vast number of YouTube channels covering 3d Printing, it seems like it’s all been thought of, written. filmed, edited, and posted. Will we need to wait for the next round of patents to expire, covering Heated Enclosures, before we see any original content?

As an Example, CHEP just pushed out another Ender 3 build video, CNC Kitchen and Thomas Sanladerer are doing very close to the same filament testing, 3d Printing Nurd has gone off into the weeds, covering a TIG welder in an enclosure, and calling it a 3d Printer, and Makers Muse just put out a video titled “3d printing is dead, Long live 3d printing”, these are just some examples I can think of. Are we entering into a “Hurry Up and Wait” period with 3d printing while we wait for some new break through, and until then, we are destined to watch endless “Solve your Stringing issues”, and “Printing with Filament X” videos?