Is it worth modifying and upgrading a makerbot replicator 2?

Dear all,
I have here a relic from the past in the form of a makerbot replicator 2. I think I bought it somewhere around the end of 2013 since I bought the digitizer with it and that was brand new in these days. Over all I did some printing back then but lost interest over time due to the limitations these machines had back then. Bad software, no heated bed, poor calibration, just to name a few.
Currently I am finding my way back into the hobby and I am literally at the edge of buying a new filament printer. But still I was wondering: is it worth upgrading that old machine and are there parts out there that really make this machine usable again?
I saw that there is an upgrade for the firmware by Sailfish, it might need a heated bed (?) etc.
But after all is it worth investing this money?

The question goes out to you printing experts: does anyone have experience in upgrading such an old machine and with what results or is someone even still running a replicator2 and has some first hand experience?
I would not mind learning the necessary details and fight my way into it, but I want to be sure that I can achieve decent results before I start =)

Thanks in advance for your support.

Best, Tom.