Looking for help with upgrades to a Copymaster 400 Printer. Filament cooling is very poor, but it does not have a cooling fan control

Hi All, First I am new to these forums, but I would say my 3d printing experience is decent. I have 5 normal sized printers 2 x ender 3. 2 x tronxy 3a and 1 x cr20-pro, but I am asking about the latest purchase a Copymaster 400.

I brought the Copymaster 400 on sale so was cheap for a 400x400x400 printer. It’s running a direct drive extruder that is based on flashforge tech and the simplyfly 3d profile provided even says flashforge in it. I spent some time getting it to print with decent quality and it’s ok, but the filament cooling is very poor. I took it apart and it has a single fan that cooled the hot end and is split in half to cool the filament at the same time. No wonder it’s filament cooling is so bad. I am trying to add a 2nd fan and almost have something to try, but I still have the problem that it has no option to control the filament fan speed and I can split the hot end fan or take 24v direct and just leave it on all the time.

So I guess my question is this. What control board would be a good upgrade for this printer, What would I need to know from the settings to copy across, or should I look at a better extruder- hot end at the same time.

This is this is the current board.

The fan at J8 goes to the hot end and the 2nd fan is just a case fan. Neither of them could be controlled from simplify 3d that I could find.

Thanks in advance


I have the same printer. I have upgraded it to have a bltouch on it. using the same main board.
heris the dropbox link from copymaster for the firmware upgrade to bltouch.
I am the same as i would like upgrade to the latest version of marlin so I am also after the board type as well

HI, I had the BLtouch option when I brought it, the problem was not having the control of the cooling fan and it just being a single fan shared with hot end cooling. I ended up buying a Bigtreetech SKR V1.4 and touch display, but I have not finished the conversion thanks to staying at home for the past 6 weeks.