Marlin, REARM Ramps 1.6 - MAX6675 Problem

Hello all … I´m new in this forum.

I have problems to get MAX6675 to work on the following configuration:
Marlin on REARM board with Ramps 1.6 addon … REPRAP_DISCOUNT_FULL_GRAPHIC_SMART_CONTROLLER is connected and enabled, SDSUPPORT is diabled, TMC2130 at X-, X2-, Y-, Y2-Axes.

I tried all combinations for connecting the MAX6675 to the Ramps i found on the internet but everything i found was for Mega2560. I didn´t found anything for Ramps in combination with a Re-ARM. I tried to find the right pins in the marlin code, but i´m a mechanic and programming is not realy mine.
There is something about a Software (Private) SPI but i don´t know how to activate it.

Anytime i start with MAX6675 activated in configuration.h i get an low temp. error on start.
After setting up the TMCs i thinked i could use the same software SPI but also didn´t get it running.

So my main question is were to connect the SPI Pins of the MAX6675 to the Re-ARM.
And maybe how to use same SPI pins used for the TMCs.

I hope someone can give me a hint :slight_smile:

have you installed the U8glib Library Patch for Arduino? this supports the larger 8X21 line displays. also do not disable the SD card slot also perform a Verify step for the C++ code it will tell you what error you started and where. it is also important you read the authors notes when setting up Marlin they will tell you most of what you need to know even what not to enable for your hardware…