Marlin 2.0 with Creality CP-01


my name Sebastian, I am new to the 3D print community and I just found Toms YT channel and I like it very much. I bought a Creality CP-01 since I also wanted do have a laser engraver and the CNC. Was that a mistake?

I wanted do modify some things on the printer like fans and auto leveling. Can’t find any help on this topic with videos or google. I ended up buying some fans to replace, but not any quieter. This will be another post maybe.

Here comes my question: Can and should I upgrade to Marlin 2.0? I am currently running stock firmware Marlin 1.1.6 V0.0.3.


If your printer is working fine and not dropping steps or doing anything that might be software related? then Don’t bother…Upgrading is only a good Idea when your current firmware dose not support your Hardware.I was only doing it because the coding on the older firmware was harder to read and set… If your just using to DIY kit for printing what you bought it for Creality CP-01 Is a nice kit…
Or you can’t fix the issues with just adding G-code to start and end code or setting new Values in the Printer Menus then Update… YOU should not have to touch the Firmware at all on a home machine like yours… Unless your having Issues Forget about Marlin 2.0.0 and Higher unless your willing to spend hours coding and patching Marlin so it can be used by a CNC and Laser… just go to there website and see it they have updates for you and then patch your Firmware that way Other Wise leave it alone!!! and Contact 3d Printer Canada about Updates and Repair. your software that came with your printer would be a good place to start open your Tool application and go to Info and look for software updates.

Do not change a production Device unless you know what your doing you might hurt yourself or cause a fire!
Justin Schubert

Thanks, I did exactly nothing to the firmware! Bed is leveled and fans are working nice too (24v)