Marlin config problem

Hi all,

I’m trying to set up a tronxy x5s with a skr v1.1 board and tmc2208 stepperdrivers, no uart.
Everything seems to work fine, but when I start a print, after homing, the nozzle moves to the almost upper-right corner of the bed and starts printing off-grid. I have configured marlin2.0 for this, but couldn’t get it working with the x5s example config.h file provided. So I used a copy I configured before for the ender 3, and changed everything to fit the x5s. Even compared the two next to each other.

Changing the homepossition to center does nothing, and changing the MAX_BED_SIZE or whatever does also nothing.

I did however have the skr1.1 without any jumpers installed. Don’t know how to configure them because the available documentation about that describes the skr v1.3, and it seems to be different. Didn’t think this would be a hardware problem (jumper config problem) though?

Anybody an idea what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks in advance