Marlin sensorless homing with SKR V1.1 Pro and TMC2209


being new to Marlin and the RepRap world, I am controlling a CNC6040 with a SKR V1.1 Pro and TMC2209 drivers (Marlin Version 2.0.x bugfix). - To briefly provide some context: the CNC6040 is not intended to do any milling, but is utilized as the basis for a pick and place robot, which is supposed to eventually assemble a few plastic parts.

That said, I have sensor-less homing basically working, however, a few issues remain, were some advise of the experts would be very much appreciated:

  1. since the (automatic) homing is rather slow, I would like to utilize the QUICK_HOME option, which is supposed to move the X and Y axis simultaneously (saving a little time), when e.g. issuing a G28XY. Unfortunately, though, the X- and Y-axis movements happen in sequence, even though QUICK_HOME is enabled.

  2. I have X_BED_SIZE and Y_BED_SIZE (thus X_MAX_POS and Y_MAX_POS) correctly defined and would expect that issuing a e.g. G0Xxxx would either return an error or only move to X_MAX_POS, if xxx is specified to exceed X_MAX_POS (same with the Y-axis/Z-axis respectively). - I would certainly expect, the stall-guard to kick in, in the same fashion it is causing the homing to work.
    However, the movement is executed regardless and does neither stop at e.g. X_MAX_POS, nor respect the specified X_STALL_SENSITIVITIES, but bounces right into the physical limit of the machine (and keeps driving the motor until marlin believes that the destination position has been reached).

I’m very much looking forward to ideas.

Thanks in advance!