Matte Black (or other colour) non-carbon filament. Found matteforge - any one used it?


I know they have a glossy youtube video on there (no pun intended) but it does look really good. I’m wondering if anyone has tried it out?

I’m looking for a non-carbon based matte black to print out dinosaurs.

I’d love to see a filaween test on it if you ever have time/inclination, Tom.




Hi mrflib,

I happen to have some actually!
It’s a pretty good filament, more flexible than regular PLA, sticks a bit too well to PEI but at least no warping.
It’s not ultra matte but gives a nice finish.

If you want I can make a test print (kids would make good uses of the dinosaurs I’m pretty sure :slight_smile: if that’s not a 20 hours print
Otherwise I can try to take a picture of another print.

I’ve also found that extrudr has a matte PLA but not tried yet (

Let me know!