MAX3421E and marlin 2.0.x


I’m trying to connect a mini usb host shield (MAX3421E) to a ramps board to be able to print from usb thumbdrives.

So far I’ve been able to wire everything up to the ramps board enable


option in marlin and upload the code to the board. when connecting to the serial monitor I get

`Starting USB host...rev.03 started` 

along with the other marlin startup messages. which means the usb host shield is detected properly. but when I connect a pendrive to it. it doesn’t detect anything.

I’ve formatted the pendrive to fat32 and copied a few sample gcodes.

Do I need to enable any other option in marlin?


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As a shot in the blue:

Maybe the usb stick is to big.
Try to use a usb 2.0 stick with 2 or 4GB.

what i found on github:

Had a look at the issue and tried some of the workarounds mentioned there. sadly it didn’t solve my issue. unlike fred2088's issue, I can get usb host to initialize, as stated above. I’ll try getting hands on a 2gb pendrive but apparently they are impossible to find these days.