Menu coding, adding 100mm travel


Hi all

I Have built a cnc machine that runs marlin 2.0 and has sd support, bed levelling and some other goodies that the great team have implemented.

I have managed to learn a bit of c++ and try to understand how they have implemented the firmware/menu code but am not that good lol. I have managed to rearrange the menus to suit my needs, not majorly, just moving things up in the menu tree with the menu/sub menu its self.

In the Motion Menu there are 3 movements possible, 10mm, 1mm and 0.1mm. I would like to add 100mm to this and maybe another at a later stage. I assumed that I could just copy and paste the 10mm command in a few places and change it to 100mm and it would work, but no dice.

Are there any coders out there that can help with this?