MK3 Dolly?

Hi, has anyone made an I3 MK3 clone yet? Complete with MK52 heated bed, filamanet sensor etc.

I am midway through my MK2 Dolly build and could easily incorporate the MK52 heated bed and MK3 extruder assembly but wondered if anyone else had done this and if there was anything to watch out for?

Ive already got a 24v power supply so thats not an issue but I havent yet purchased the control board or stepper drivers. I want to use the TMC2130’s.


when you buy a pinda2 / and the power panic / and a einsy clone(or original) and use the original firmware it should work.

and Tom is also working on one clone :wink:

Cool! Look forward to Tom’s clone!

Do I have to use the Einsy board then? Will it not work with something like the MKS board?

We will see.
I had a short talk to tom @ make munich.
There (and also on the wham bam video ) he said he plans to build a mk3 dolly.
In Munich he said it will be not the cheapest possible as the last one.
I think it will be an einsy clone from far east / they are around 50-60 $