MKS TMC2130 V1.0

Hello everyone,
I’ve got some Makerbase TMC2130 v1.0 drivers and I’m playing with them.
I can change the current and get detailed output with M122, but I can’t get the stallGuard to kick in, and of course no sensorless homing/probing for me.
Reading around, it seems that in v1.0 you have to cut/desolder some stuff, otherwise there’s not SPI feedback. Could it be the case? However my chips seems to be different than the ones around in the docs (see attached images).
Any suggestions?

P.s. Please ignore the wrong pin soldering, manufacturer sent it to me in this way, I cut the wrong pins and it’s working fine. This is just a spare chip I had laying around.

If you get an output on M122 everything should be fine with your SPI.
Did you checked correct wireing between DIAG1 Pin of the driver to your endstop pin?
Here is a link to the Pinouts on

mhm… looking a the link you posted (BTW, thanks for that), it seems I have soldered the pin on the correct position.
But now I have a question about it: should I place a resistor or something like that? Is there a way to use directly the pin without the need of any other extra hardware?