Open Source Mosquito Trap


Hello 3D printing community:

I have been contemplating to develop my own mosquito trap similar to (30 x 35 cm, 2kg):

However, now I am convinced it has to be done Open Source, so anybody can make one! Here some idea on the design:

A simple computer cooling fan (120 x 120 x 25mm, 3,6 W, 100VAC - 230 VAC, 12 VDC) is mounted inside the mosquito trap (preferably horizontal for longer life of fan but not sure it is possible depending on the review of CFD). This fan sucks in air and ultimately the mosquitoes coming too close to the “black hole” into a net where they can no longer escape. This fan also pushes out pheromone:

The functional aspect is shown here in these pictures (CO2 needed in some areas only):

A video is shown here:

Here some other videos with different designs:

Mikael Arhelger

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Will UV LED help attract more mosquito?
So this trap is not recommend for indoor right?


Normally mosquitos don’t give a f*ck about light / they only check if a C02 source is in the area they are.
They can sense for CO2 in a range about 50m.


In AZ they place a small block of dry ice to act as human breath and the inlet is always a dark color. The county does this for mosquito abatement. One thing I have been told is the larger outside traps that use CO2 from propane can actually increase the number of mosquitos due to the range of the trap.


Progress :slight_smile: STL files available soon


It is interesting. I also got this one from Amazon but not much happy with its service.

Although it is eco-friendly mosquito trap but I think easy to portable and washable ones are more durable especially in the home of kids.


Hi, you spoke well about the mosquito trap, but here too you can learn a lot of new
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No wonder; Where is the lure (pheromone)?


UV light(s) attract more flies than mosquitoes. Check this single day catch using proper lure (pheromone): video showing one day catch


Good luck with the trap and thinking it will attract mosquitoes before smelling you …