Opinion on CR-10S S4


Hi all, I am new here. I am a high school teacher, and we have bought a CR-10S on Amazon, but I noticed a few issues with the printer we received, and I wanted to ask your opinion on whether we should keep it or if I am being scammed.

Issue 1 is the power supply rating. It is a 260W supply, and the vendor claims this is as it should be. But I can find a number of other vendors that use a 360W supply. The 40cmx40cm bed is huge already, is slow to heat, and can’t achieve a high temp even with a 360W supply. Forget ABS. We would be limited to printing PLA on an unheated bed.

Issue 2 is the controller board is v1. The current version is 2.1. The last version was 2.0, so the v1 is two revisions old.

Issue 3 is the frame appears scratched. The vendor claims they assemble each printer they sell before shipping. This may be true, but it’s just another clue that something is wrong.

Should I return the printer?