Option to show all new topics.


On the homepage there is te option Mark forums read, what would also be handy is an option to list all new posts since last visit. And/or perhaps also an option View all unread posts.

I am really missing this, now I am going though all subforums to see whats new.


It’s there in the hamburger menu top left (“quick links”)


cool, didn’t notice the quick links before. Thanks for pointing it out.


The fact that you have to relogin again and again after a few Minutes is boring :-/


it is, but i really dislike that if you follow a link in the notification email, then click to reply to a thread, you get taken to the forum index until you reload.


I posted s new topic in the for sale section and it does not show up when you click “View New Content”. Whats up with that?



As mod i can only see this three posts …