Original Prusa i3 MK3s any good?


im looking to get my first 3d printer, and i was told by pretty much everyone to get the Original Prusa i3 MK3s as its one of the best out there (in its price range), is this just bias/fanboy or is this a solid, reliable and quality machine?



the i3 MK3 (non s) was my 1st printer. I was happy with it. Got it as a kit, build it over night and started playing around. If build correct it seems to be a non frustrating experience from what I have seen. Getting the 1st layer set up right is a bit of a learning curve but I think that’s not exclusive to the Prusa printer. I would stay away from super cheap kits as a 1st printer, just cause it may be so frustrating that you lose interest in 3D printing entirely. Some kits have serious quality issues or have unsafe firmware, missing parts etc… If you want something between Prusa and dirt cheap check out reviews of Creality Ender series of printers.

Have FuN!


i was looking at the Ender 3 Pro but i was told to stay away from them as they need a lot of custom work and tinkering, i was told i should spend more and go for the MK3s as its a fantastic printer and very reliable for 1000s of hours


I would agree with that statement about the Prusa from my own experience, but I only have mine since October last year, there are many people here that can surely speak from longer experience. If you look at any of the reputable YT channels about 3D printing like Tom’s, Makers Muse or 3D Printing Nerd they all have the Prusa as the reference printer.


PS: I have to say I hate the looks of it !!!


yeah i’ve watched all their videos on it and they seem pretty sold with it, i know tom has a few prusas and uses them alot i belive he said hes used it for over a 1000 hours with no issues

i dont mind the look that much although it is a bit over the top colour wise


I think you can get black printed parts instead of the “Alert” orange parts when you order from Prusa. I am sure Tom would not say its good if it was not, he is very neutral and says its bad when it really is bad.