PEI Coated Spring Steel Sheets


I have been looking around for PEI Coated Spring Steel sheets for a few days now but only come to dead ends. I am not happy importing from CN myself at that price tag, usually gets stuck in customs etc…

I am looking for a (or two) PEI Coated Spring Steel sheet for Prusa Mk3 and also for 1-2 for a new printer build I am planning at 300x300mm. I find links for the Prusa MK3 but they are usually the original (which I would not mind) but out of stock. Anybody has recommendations where to get such sheets ?

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Hi Jan, we think we have a solution for you with our recently launched Kickstarter:


hm gambling on kickstarter is no solution.

Snoozer in which country do you live ?

I was just looking at it and I have never been a fan of CF (KS and the likes) stuff in the sense of shopping. Also surprised people dare to post that kind of “Ads” here…

I have found something on Amazon and “fulfilled by Amazon” for the short term, spring steel 300x300 with what is claimed to be a non stick surface. Its cheap and PEI sheets are easy to come by, its the spring steel that was my issue. I live in the EU in IRL. Won’t bother with CN stuff over 22 Euro due to customs and VAT. Still looking for a long term solution and constant supplier. I like to have a few replacements ready to go on printing while other stuff is cooling down. That’s for my Prusa MK3 and my own build at 300x300.

Any reputable source in the EU please link here, but not KS stuff.


PS: Re the Prusa, I have only looked in their shop, I have not yet tried support email, I think they may actually supply spares to owners of original Prusa printers that are not listed in their online shop. I give that a shot as well.

Crowdfunding is the only way to get a product like this to the mass market without giving away 20-50% of your company.

It isn’t feasible to produce one sheet at a time for one-off buyers.

Not sure how it’s a gamble; if it’s funded, each backer will be receiving what they bought. Unlike other projects, we have devoted all of our time for the past year working on it so we don’t have other obligations.

i never received anything from a kickstarter campaign :wink:

The problem is you buy nothing you invest with full risk in a company.
If you make a deal outside of kickstarter -> a real buying deal which he can cancel if you are not deliver then it is ok but otherwise its gambling.
The chances are higher to get it through customs (in my personal opinion because of over 10 failed Kickstarter/indiegogo campaigns. only 3 successful ).

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I see that the same way, if I was to spend money on a CF project it would be to support a cool idea, not to get a product as such. I am always suspicious of CF projects that “Sell” an item for your pledge. Formlabs was a good example how that can go very bad even for the guys with best intentions and the Pebble Watch is another of those that was very cool but got in trouble due to regulations re CE sign and User Manuals in english only… I have learned my lessons. I risk a few Euro here and there but a print bed I really just want to buy online in EU and not wait till a CF project is done or CN post finally arrives etc…

Just my thoughts on this… Besides, if find this form of “Advertising” pretty bad and misplaced.

Jan P.

PS: I just thought I share this Video, some fundamental stuff which many people don’t seem to think about.

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Did you ever find the spring steel sheet in the EU?
I’m also looking for one and don’t want to import it from China.

I got one from Amazon “Fulfilled by Amazon”, where it originally came from IDK but it was in an EU warehouse. Its a little thinner than the original Prusa sheet and the PEI looks smoother. Have no experience yet using it, the printer is not yet build.


That doesn’t look like a PEI coated sheet. Just a normal solid PEI sheet stuck down with pressure sensitive adhesive.

yeah and which powder coated are you getting elsewhere ?
There are one trustful source besides prusa.
AND the prusa ones rust. This is one reason they aren’t awailable.

Most of the sheets even the prusa ones are a normal spring steel shet with a pei sheet stuck on it.

Have you testet yours for years and can garantie that it doesn’t degrade ?

I have never said it was a power coated sheet, I was accepting the adhesive PEI only cause of the price. Buildtak (spelling ?) is way more expensive and yet you still have to put it together… I am still open to reasonably priced alternatives, I just needed to make sure I have something before my V-Core kit arrives.

Have FuN!

What we’re offering can’t be matched. We have beta testers that can attest that ours do not rust, thankfully. We have been working on it for over a year now and have a much simpler and less caustic process than what Prusa uses.

Add to the fact that we include the price of international shipping.

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nice pictures.

For me i don’t need a removeable surface / the mk42 ist one of the best heatbed ever.
for me the mk52 is a massive downgrade.
So i have no use for a powder coated sheet.
but if it works for someone…

Why is the MK52 a downgrade, does it not heat as well?

The heat distribution is :-1:

it is like the old pcb heater ones.

Stefan Hermann did a recording …

The MK42 is so much better

allmost no warping with ABS

And PLA and ABS came loose when it is under 30 °C / ok for PEI you have to use gluestick to prevent it to bond :smiley: and then a small tick with the back of a screwdriver.

And a PEI sheet is changed in around 5 Minutes (with mine @ 24V :sunglasses:)


you never even mentioned your name. Once your PEI coated Spring Steel sheets are available in an Online Shop in the EU for direct purchase I would not mind trying. The gap between pledged money and goal is pretty large for the days left.

Jan P.

My name is on the Kickstarter.

That is up to the community to raise the goal of the funding.

Have u had a chance to test it?
Do u also know if this is shipped from China or eu warehouse?