Please, check my Y-axis stepping out ;D I need your HELP!


Dear Marlin Firmware programming professionals,

Recently, my friends updated Marlin Firmware for me and we thought that it was almost done and…there was only one thing remaining to correct but it is out of our control. We already tried various things.

For example, when I try to print a Totoro’s body (Japanese animation character), the bottom side is printed perfectly but the y-axis stepping out happened to the upper side.

Basically, I heard that the Y-axis stepping out problems are related to acceleration, Jerk and speed so we tried to fix it. You can see my configuration.h file in this posting.

What could I do to figure it out?
Please, give me your advice.

Hopefully, I would like to use the newest Marlin Firmware 1.1.9 and share with my friends in our 3D printer community. Moreover, I really would like to use LED options in new Firmware, too!

Thank you in advance and have a blessed day.
Always I appreciate your great concern.

Warmest regards,
Clara Kim



Hi Clara,

Could you post a picture of a failed print? This would help a lot when trying to understand your problem.





Dear Stefan,

I am happy to see your reply.
Let me show these pictures.
Please, check this out and give us your help.

Thank you in advance!

With warmest regards,
Clara Kim



Hi Clara,

The pictures are very helpful. For reference, I will assume your figures are facing FORWARD when printed. It appears that your X-axis is shifting to the right near the top of the figure. Because it is not shifting smoothly every level, it is not likely to be speed, acceleration, or jerk related. Look for a slipping belt or something interfering with the motion of the belt. (If your figure is facing SIDEWAYS, check your Y-axis) for a similar problem. The problems may be anywhere on the belt, from the point of connection through the pulleys.

Let us know what you find!




Dear Stefan

I am so gradeful your answer.
Actually, I am using Marlin Firm ware 1.0.4 with my 3D printer and there is open source in this link. And it works very stably.

If you can check this source and compare with that I uploded before?

I knew that it is not easy but please, confirm this source for me.

Thank you for all your hard work.My frineds and I are truly appreciate it.

With warmest regards
Clara Kim



Hi Clara,

I would suggest that you use the Marlin website’s download to be sure that all the files are correct.

Best of Luck,



Dear Stefan,

I will download it to be sure that all the files are correct as you suggested. If I cannot find the right answer , I will contact you again.

Thank you!

Best regards,
Ckara Kim