My e3d v6 hotend (clone) is leaking my PETG, and I’m certain is the reason for my clogging an hour in problem. I’m printing at 250, but sometimes back it off to 248. Is my temperature too high? It seems when I go any lower i get extreme stringing, and immediate clogs. I’m getting so discouraged with this… It’s been like 2 weeks and no print longer than a calibration print.

if its a clone it most likely isn’t all metal and the ptfe tube goes to the nozzle now 250 is good for PETG but not good for most PTFE except capricorn. Now if its leaking most likely you have a gap between the PTFE and the nozzle or an improperly tightened nozzle if its all metal. You will have to either take it apart - all of it and make sure you clean it real well and then reassemble. Now we have successfully printed plenty of HIPS at 255C on a clone like that - but with capricorn tubing and the best way to ensure a good seal is in this video by CHEP. But depending on the brand of PETG and setup we have successfully printed PETG as high as 265 (on an origianl all metal V6)

On my printers with ptfe tubing i only print with max 245°C because otherwise the tubing degrades.

The clogging can also happen when the retraction is too high.