Print help on a "Dolly"



Getting some of my first prints out of my Dolly (with Rambo Mini, Titan Aero, and MK42 bed).

Not getting the best quality out, was wondering what you guys think might be the issue. My first guess is that I need to knock the extrusion multiplier down a bit, will be doing that once this print finishes, but any other feedback/advice would be awesome.

That overhang came out _much _better that I’d expected though :slight_smile:



Are your belts nice and tight too?

You can change the flow rate live from the menus btw, under tune, scroll down a bit and there it is. Does look like overextrusion. Do an e-steps calibration.



Oh, that’s cool! Hadn’t seen the live tuning menu.

Y is definitely tight, got one of those screw to tighten belt holder for the Y axis off thingiverse to make that bit easy. I’ll try tightening X again after this print. Using this carriage for the X axis, wasn’t the easiest to tighten.