Printable Parts for the MK3 are released


Looks like they cleaned things up nicely. Shame those Bondtech gears are so expensive.


50€ for 2 gears is not expensive.

A company i worked for had to pay 130€ for a single screw which was delivered on a palette in a 1,8m height Box full of packaging material.
(shipping is not included @ 130€ :wink: )


It’s expensive in that it’s a full quarter of what my printer has so far cost!


lovely, thx for sharing


Awesome, now if only someone would backport the part-cooling fan nozzle to the Mk2, as I’ve yet to see a convincing equivalent nozzle on Thingiverse (i.e. a nozzle that cools from the sides as well as the front). I’d be all over that :wink:

Backporting the 40mm noctua hotend heatsink fan support would be amazing as well! Someone’s made something similar, but it has issues with hitting the endstops (which I guess just isn’t a problem for the Mk3…)


Give me like a day or two :stuck_out_tongue: Prolly going to bastardize my already modified parts in fusion. It isnt that siple bc the mountingpoints for the fan shifted by quite a bit and the cover became ticker and has a completely new screw layout for mounting to the body


still have to test them tho.


the mk52 12v and 24v, the filament sensor and the power outage board are also released


That’s pretty cool!

That said, I was hoping for a version of the Mk3 fan nozzle that fits onto an unmodified Mk2 extruder cover, because I’ve already had to modify my extruder cover, both for the Dolly tweaks (which I think you have extruder cover models for) but also for a BL Touch mount, which no one’s done in SCAD yet. I’d have to manually merge a couple of STLs to get an extruder cover that works for the current fan model, sadly, and I already had to merge STLs for my extruder cover which was a pain in the neck and not something I’m too enthusiastic about doing again :frowning:

I need to find someone who knows SCAD well enough to do stuff like this for me, but who will accept relatively small amounts of money in return (like, £10-20 or so per thing) :stuck_out_tongue: I just don’t have the time to learn SCAD right now… :frowning:


well, you /need/ the cover bc the nozzle needs to be mounted on an axis with the heatblock and nozzle.