Printing Hobby King/Toner Plastics HIPS

Setup tested 1.) MH PULSE (Prusa mk2 clone) with E3D V6 and Bondtech QR extruder. and Anycubic Chiron with V5 clone and Titan Clone extruder . Both fitted with a .8mm Nozzle only mod on the CHIRON is the PTFE tube has been replaced with a Capricorn high temp (dark blue) one.
Pulse Chiron
Nozzle 270 255 (Chiron under reports, Pulse overreports temp)
Bed 100 105 (max sustainable for both the hotter the better)
Max vol. E 18 16.5
No Fan except for Bridging

Layer height between .2 and .4 mm
Outside perimeter between .9 and 1.0mm inside between 1.2 and 1.5
First layer like PLA nicely pressed into the board.
Sticks well to garolite on the PULSE with some glue on big pieces and without glue except for the most challenging pieces to the CHIRONS glass based “ultibase” But so far anything sticks to those (PLA, Nylon, ABS, HIPS, PETG) Bridging is currently using PLA settings 20mm/sec and full fan and is not as well as PLA you get a droop on a 20mm bridge but a file can take care of that where we use it We don’t bridge further than that actually we either bridge 20mm, 13 or 7.5. Some slight stringing can be fixed with a heat gun same retraction as PLA (60mm/sec 4 or 5.5 mm CHIRON/PULSE)

Good wear for low speed gears like Rack and pinions does not grind to dust like PLA

Here is a link to a video demonstrating some of its mechanical capabilities

The story behind it was prototype of the rack the square hole for the Aluminum reinforcement (that one is supposed to be rated to lift 300lb + ) Was too tight. So I told the kids use a file and add .4 to the dimensions and a teacher said “hold my coffee I get it on without filing” The rack survived even though its unusable now and does not come off the shaft. Reason its unusable is cause the student that designed it subtracted the diameter values instead of radius values and came up with teeth that are 2x as tall as they should be. I was asked for partial credit so I said “I don’t give grades but sure you get an A-. Now go and throw it in the garbage and do it over”