Profile handling for multiple materials and printers

I would like to hear from everyone whether you have 2 printers or 2 farms worth of printers. How do you handle their slicer profiles managing multiple printers with multiple materials and even multiple configurations of the same printer (nozzles, speeds, dual extrusion, etc…)? Like I said, I would love to hear everyone’s methodologies. It would be great if we could get some big YT players who use many different printers, both for fun and professionally (Joel 3DPN, Tom TS, Angus MM, Michael TT, and many others).

For reference, I started with 3D printing in college, 6 years ago now, with a few maker bots in our design lab then ran a printing service in the college library where we only used a single material on a single printer. I then did a thesis project with a prusa clone kit, where I compared printing materials and mechanical properties using standard settings across the board, except for what I was testing. I now currently have 5 very different printers and I’m always trying different materials and printing settings depending on my current needs. I have primarily used simplify3D but have dabbled in prusa slicer recently (first MK3s ordered). I have a Pallete2+ pro which uses their slicer (free to play with) which lets you have several printer profiles that can slightly link changes together, and then materials have “style overrides” where you can set specific settings per material like speed, temp, retraction, extrusion multiplier, etc… It seems like maybe the way to go but I’m not the biggest fan of that setup right now.
I know there is no right way but everyone may have a right way that works for them.