Prusa Clone

Hi together,
I currently have an Anycubic i3 Mega S. Even though it has a good price / performance ratio, I think about buying a new one and most likely a Prusa. However, a Prusa is expensive and takes long to arrive. Does someone has experiences with a Prusa Clone from AliExpress (or rather China)?

I habe bought several parts from trianglelab and they have a very good quality.
fysetc was bad quality so far.

For me buying a genuine one is cheaper than buying a clone.

You pay +/- 30€ the price of a original prusa (depends on if you buy the MK3 or mini).
But you have no support and warranty.

At least for germany the clones are way to expensive to consider buying them.

All right, thank you for the info. I think for me it‘s worth it, since I‘m a German (currently) living in Spain and idk why but shipping is cheaper here

Some of the shop’s have spanish warehouses.