Prusa firmware for RAMPS Prusa i3 clones with MK42 beds


@slippy4r Have you looked at the new FW for the MK3? In theory it shouldnt be that hard to adapt it to a RAMPS running TMC2130s. THe only thing that most likely wont work is the power shutdown (but even that might be possible as the power panic as a rather cheap board to make and if you run dual PSUs anyway the hold time might be high enough)



das mk42 gibts nun im set mit einem rambo mini via aliexpress



I’ve not had time to look yet. The biggest issue is that the MK3 configures the drivers over SPI, on the TMC2130 polulu style stepsticks MOSI,MISO and CS are brought out on the pins usually used for micro-stepping. These go to the microstepping jumpers; a cable would need to be made to link all of the pins together and connect them to the SPI port on the Arduino, which is fiddly. Also, I haven’t bought any TMC2130 for myself yet, I will probably order some soon though.

I think that in the short term, the Mk 2.5 is the way to go.



This MK42 is aluminium and won’t work properly for auto calibration and skew detection. I think it would be better to buy orballo bed and an MKS board, for about the same money.



joachim jacobsen is deleting comments on facebook if you ask about the status of the MK42 campaign :frowning:

I think the 3d printing related crowd funding has a fail rate over 98%



Its not that complicated.

Well ive at leasst preordered the MK2.5 upgrade kit bc. its fairly priced for the bed and the bindtech gears.



That looks sensible, putting the pins on upside down so you can get to the SPI connections. Ones on aliexpress look like they come with pins presoldered which is a bit tedious.

I’ll order some then look into it.


The ones on aliexpress are not that much cheaper in this case.



Just glancing through the MK3 branch on prusa github now. It looks nice in that they have split the pin definitions back into separate files (like in Marlin) and they are switched in based on the selected board. That makes it (slightly) easier to add RAMPS support, but perhaps more interestingly it makes it look like the probably intend to merge MK3 into their main branch and have it be a one universal firmware.

That would be good for a few reasons; less to maintain, but it means that availability of specific features is probably going to be pretty easy to enable and disable. I’ll keep investigating.




I’m new to the Forum and started 3D Printing about 2month ago. First of all a really big thanks to slippyr4, you have done an awesome job, this firmware port is fantastic.

I built my own Prusa i3 Clone with a MK42 heatbed clone from orballoprinting. First i started with tom’s youtube guide and with marlin, but i don’t get the mesh bed leveling working correctly. After some googling i found this firmware and wanted to give it a try. I made some changes for my steps/mm compiled it and flashed it to my ramps board and after the startup the printer guided me through the setup process. After that the printer works like a charm :smiley: :smiley: . Really happy with it. I also upgraded my stepper drivers with the TMC2208 on all axes and now the printer is really really silent.

Thanks again to slippyr4.

I have two questions to you:

  1. Does this firmware works with the Multimaterial upgrade provided by prusa?

  2. Does it work with the MK 2.5 upgrade? Because of the other Bed leveling procedure.

Thank you,
best regards and may the force be with you,



[quote=darthvader85 post_id=2303 time=1515682613 user_id=804]

  1. Does this firmware works with the Multimaterial upgrade provided by prusa?[/quote]

It would with a bit of work to remap some pins. I’ve not got, nor attempted to clone, the MMU, so it’s not done. But it should not be hard.

2. Does it work with the MK 2.5 upgrade? Because of the other Bed leveling procedure.[/quote]

I’ve not looked into it yet. I guess it depends on which firmware they intend to run on 2.5 printers (i.e MK2 or MK3 firmwares).



Hi everybody. I have a Geeetech Prusa I3 pro B and now im making so many upgrades on it. One of the things I want to make is port this firmware to the Geeetech GT2560. I have almost done so when I have it working I will post a link. My mods are based on this firmware with the last GitHub code. Maybe if it’s works okey all the hacks can be included on GitHub.

ATTENTION. The GT2560 only have one PWM fan port. So I will leave this for the nozzle fan and everyone have to decided if want to connect the extruder fan directly or connect the extruder fan and the nozzle fan together.

Sorry for my English.



Usually if only one mosfet you’d use it for part fan, and just connect the extrduer fan to the pwer supply so its on all the time.

If you fork my repository on github, make your changes for anet, then send me a pull request I will review & integrate it into this firmware.



Hello, the GT2560 have only one PWM Fan but have the fan outputs with out PWM, so you can plug the extruder fan in one of this outputs.

Okey I will do this and send you a request.



I’m testing the firmware and at the moment everything works fine in GT2560. I need to make more tests. If anyone wants to help here is the link




What are you doing to activate auto bed levelling? This isn’t marlin!



I only uncomment in configuration.h the auto bed leveling line.




first of all thanks slippyr4 for this project.

i am having trouble with v3.1.0

v3.0.11 is working on my arduino+ramps

is this a common issiue or i am doing something wrong?



Hi all, I’ll glad for an help.

I’m currently building MK2S clone and I want to import my board (Geeetech GT2560 Rev A+) configurations from latest Marlin (version 1.1.8).
I didn’t finish the building but I’m testing the motors and can see I’ve good enough configurations to import to Prusa firmware.

I thought to import the pins from files:

Change in:

// Electronics #define BOARD_GT2560_REV_A_PLUS 75 // Geeetech GT2560 Rev. A+ (with auto level probe) #define MOTHERBOARD BOARD_GT2560_REV_A_PLUS

I know I’m missing something sine I saw somewhere something like this:


What should I do more in order to import this board into slippyr4/Prusa-Firmware?



Geeetech GT2560 Rev A+ != RAMPS