Prusa MK2 Dolly RAMPS 1.6 plus

I’ve recently bought a RAMPS 1.6+ with TMC2130 SPI kit from Aliexpress. I’m planning on sandwiching on top of a Mega 2560 black with micro USB. I’m planning on putting this set up in a Prusa mk2 clone following Toms Dolly series with a few tweaks of my own. During my research for wiring, I came across some information that I didn’t understand. There aren’t many diagrams out there to go on with this exact same setup. I just was wondering if I could get a bit of experience with this, such as jumper caps placement and wire jumper placement if any. I’m getting mixed information that with this bigtreetech ramps 1.6+ TMC2130 SPI kit you won’t need to use wires if you set it up as shown in figure 1. I’ve also came across another image of the RAMPs 1.6+ with wiring, shown in figure2. The Mega board ill sandwich on top of the ramps is a MEGA2560 R3 (ATmega2560-16AU CH340G) a picture of the board will be attached. Can someone

help me with this, please?

did you followed: ?