Prusa MK3 clone with all extruded "Bear" frame


Has anyone tried this kit out from AliExpress?

This kit seems to be a full kit with everything (if you select the most expensive option) for $465.

I’m assuming since it is an Einsy board clone that I can install the Prusa firmware on it and essentially have a near identical printer.

Otherwise there is another kit for about $300 that is lacking the Einsy, LCD, and hotend. I could opt for more original parts if needed, but it would come out more expensive than the one above even using clone parts. This option would only seem to make sense if spare parts were available or alternate option for those parts were desired.
MK3 Clone without Einsy or hotend

Both look like they use the Bear frame and have clones for all the other parts of the printer minus the Einsy, LCD and hotend for the second option. I was pricing parts to make my own clone when I came across these kits. The prices appears to be cheaper than sourcing semi-quality parts individually. The only question then is to order the full clone, or get the partial kit and an additional Einsy kit that comes with the board, LCD, pinda, and filament sensor or a “better/newer” board for future proofing/more capabilities.