Raspberry Pi Remote access


Raspberry Pi Remote access

The problem with watching all your videos is it is impossible to remember which video did you say a KEY WORD to
solve a problem or mystery.

Sure at the time I watched I didn’t have a Raspberry PI 3 model B and therefore it didn’t make sense for me to write down
what you said about a Linux based service that would somehow allow me to have a isp dynamic IP and have my computer
sending my current IP to this service so that I can have work around for a static IP …

I think you mentioned it in a OctoPrint video… but I can not remember what was that linux website that has this service
and I wasn’t really paying attention at the time… so my description may be totally off and wrong but I hope that it is
enough for someone to figure out what I am searching for.

Many thanks



You’re looking for a dynamic dns service, of which there are many.

Dyndns was was of the first. No-op.com is another.

However, many broadband routers have built in support for one or more particular dynamic dns providers and it makes a lot of sense to use one of those.


I found NoIP.com

My router is from rogers and it is a two in one deal… I don’t know if it has it.
I’ll look into it soon.

Thank you for your prompt reply … and yes that was exactly the information that I was looking for.