RE-ARM + SPI Steppers + Viki 2 + Marlin = Question on RE-ARM Pin Access


So I have purchased a RE-ARM board for my 3D printer. I want to use SPI Mode with TMC2130 Stepper Drivers and a LCD Screen. I have seen that there is an issue with conflicting pin usage on AUX3 of the RAMPS board for these two technologies. Because of this, I found that the Viki 2 LCD is actually able to be attached to the RE-ARM directly on it’s J3 and J5 headers instead of using the RAMPS board’s AUX4 pins and AUX3 pins. The question I have is that the RE-ARM looks to primarily be a Smoothieware Board but can be used with Marlin. I would prefer to use Marlin on this device. Are the J3 and J5 Headers that are directly on the RE-ARM board still accessible through the Marlin Firmware and allow the Viki 2 LCD Screen to work on them? Or is the functionality of these headers with the Viki 2 LCD only a feature with Smoothieware? I would rather not perform too many configuration changes to the pin outs of the AUX Headers and Servo Headers of the RAMPS board and being able to use the RE-ARM’s J3 and J5 headers would save alot of time and headache.

EDIT: I also need to attain information on how the Jumpers under the Stepper Drivers should be set for a RAMPS 1.6 Plus. It has a much more complicated Jumper setup. 4 sets of 3 pins and you can either remove the jumper or set it to bridge the left 2 pins or the right 2 pins. I have been unable to locate documentation on these Jumpers for SPI setups



Hello Ozma64,
I’m new to this group and do not have any real experience with the RE-ARM board, so far.
But I also bought one. This is supposed to be used in a CoreXY, with the same setup like yours.
So I’m interested to know, if you might have got some more information for this setup?
BR, René



Unfortunately I have been waiting for responses on this forum thread before I purchase the Viki 2 LCD. As far as my research has gotten me, I believe we can access the J3 and J5 and J12 headers of the Re-ARM through Marlin 2.0 as I have been seeing people posing about using the J12 header for the TMC2130’s SPI function. I just want confirmation of my theory through here before I start putting any more money into it.



I’m not familiar enough with the RE-ARM right now to give you any feedback or confirmation right now, sorry.
Had to move this project to a later date already.
I’ve bought the RE-ARM only so far. Anyway the question what display will be in use at the end is still open. I’m not grounded to the VIKI 2, but appreciate any information further.