Recycling or Waste Handling of 3D Printing Scrap in Germany

Hi Tom/community!

I’ve been a longtime viewer of the youtube channel, keep it up :slight_smile:

I’m an American living in Freiburg Germany, and have been printing with my Prusa i3Mk3 for a few years now, and have amassed a fair bit of failed prints/waste from it that I’m now looking to dispose of.

Environmentally, it feels just wrong to put it in the normal trash… Everybody talks about how the materials are recycleable and all that greenwashing nonsense, but lets face it… it’s a ton of waste/home-made microplastics destined for the environment if not handled properly.

Do you know if’s acceptable here in Germany to dispose of in Gelbersack? If not, what do you feel is the best practice for handling?

It’s predominately a mix of PLA/PETG, and recently TPU’s.