Second look at the Prusa i3 MK3: Sensory overload! #TCT2017



hope Prusa offers next to the MK2 to MK2.5 upgrade also kind of MK0/1/2/2s to MK3 also including the motors, 24v PSU and Einsy.

It is just great Josef Prusa is thinking of that because of the demand!!!

Guess the filament sensor ‘housing’ needs an upgrade to be covered from sun- or other bright light. Somebody mentioned they had to duck-tape it on NY Makerfair when it was too much sun :slight_smile:


Another question @Tom: Do you know if the MK52 heated bed is a 12/24volt? I hope so, because the production of a 12v heated bed for MK2.5 Upgrade and another 24v for MK3 would make the production quite hard.


thx folks, fwding it to Tom and Josef