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My 3D printer one meter tall Delta.
Field: 400mmx300mm W/H
Board MKS SBASE V1.3
Made it my self from zero, most parts are my own project except part colling and some standard 3D printer parts.

Last print:


My DIY printer from 2015. Thinking of rebuilding it now that I’ve learned a bit about printers.


It is still a work in progress, but here is my custom clone of the TAZ6. It prints fairly good although it is a bit flimsy until I get the aluminium corner brackets.



Forgive the messy garage, but I’m using the Prusa I3 Mk2 with a custom built enclosure that is total overkill. I left room for larger printers in case I wanted to upgrade down the line. Never underestimate the decibels put out by the MK2 in an enclosure without anything to absorb the sound.

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I spend u$s60 aprox… for Mega+ramps+5A4988, inductive sensor, simil E3d v6 (with normal and volcano pack of nozzles), mk8 remote extruder with bowden PTFE, heatbed 200x300mm…All cheap chinese of course!!!
The motors are all steppers from old Epson inkJet printers (Stylus color 800, C62, etc.)…
X axis … Stylus color 800 (as is) with stepper, belt, etc :smiley:
Z and Y rods and supports (beatifull and shiny chromed bars) from HewlletPackard DJ 3550 (I think, not sure)… (DC motors saved for other projects)…
All “wood” exedent from kitchen furniture…
When was able to print, i added the 2º rod to the X axis and change the corners of the Y axis as can see in the pictures (previusly in wood)…
It´s not noisy, because have been improved with printed LMU8 in POM (Y axis), does not have any linear ball bearing…
Being Bowden, does not require high torque motors, so it works well up to 60mm/s, I have not tested faster because the structure is not very stable (the top of the printer moves too much), and the table where it is It does not help (very unstable too)…

best regards


My DIY 2015 printer,with 1m3 build volume.


Monoprice Mini


I Dont have a good name for it yet So Ill just call it Bartolobot 3DX print


My 3dprinter projects that i’m working on. This is my spare time hobby shared on hackaday:



A total nightmare -> no working printer :frowning:

the one one the left brocken pinda holder after cleanup


the one in the middle is cannibalized :smiley:

the the right one is not finished yet :-/


Waking up old thread because of the tweet, so here is my CR-10 setup:

Also had legs which provided enough room under it for control box and Pi, but 2 of the legs broke some time ago. I haven’t had time to put new set under it yet.

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(Necroposting also because of the tweet)

These are the two DIY kossel style Delta machines I’ve built over the years and the DIY Prusa I3 Mk3 that I built at the end of last year. Not pictured is my now-disassembled Anet A8 that I built when they came out. I’ll use the motors and control board for something one day.

The smaller Delta was built several years ago using a RAMPS board and 12v silicone heated bed. It just got upgraded this year with magnetic arms, a “smart effector” thing (a circuit board effector with built in strain gauges), a new aluminum heated bed and a MKSBASE board running Smoothieware.

The big Delta is about 2 1/2 years old, running a genuine Smoothieboard. It’s missing its Titan extruder at the moment, which was stolen when I saw a design for a new extruder/hotend design for the I3. It’s got a 500w AC powered silicone heated bed under glass. You can see the Smoothie mounted to the back, but I really want to add a taller base section and move it down there.

I hardly ever use the Deltas any more, because of the beautiful machine in front. When the MK3 came out I got a wild hair up my butt to prove to myself that it was really open source hardware… so I got some PCBs made for the filament sensor and power panic board (thank you Osh Park), and ordered some MK52 heated bed PCBs from JLCPCB, and started getting all the pieces of it together. I wish I’d documented the build better but it took from October of last year to around February of this year before it was printing.

In the end, with upgrades from some of the cheap pieces I started out with, I’ve probably spent enough to buy a non-kit Mk3. But the experience has been totally worth it. It’s currently got Misumi rods, bearings and motor pulleys and Zaribo LDO motors (except the extruder which is a SteppersOnline one which runs barely above room temperature). When I want to print something on the Deltas, I have to watch it at the start to make sure things are going to go right. On the Mk3, I just tell it to print and walk away while it’s heating up. :slight_smile:

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(just because of the tweet ^^’ ):

Here is my actual printer :

A Big Custom printer, designed and made by myself, major parts (carriages in Y, Z, bar holders, etc … ) were modelled and printed with my first printer (a prusa i3 “box-framed” model also hand made, with a Gen7 1.5 board). This printer can print parts around 42x42x48cm (X-Y-Z). Equipped with a e3d volcano, a e3d titan extruder.
The bed is an aluminium sheet scavenged from an old Mac Pro G5 ^^ with a 220V heated pad under it.
I now have a 4mm glass on the top of it (for better adherence), and also a blower fan to the printhead, it was added after I’ve taken this photo.
The controller is a smoothie compatible card. will move to a duet 3d shortly.

Cheers all !


IKEA Metod cabinet, my enclosure design with aluminium frame and acrylic glass walls and doors, Prusa i3MK3 with MMU2, octoPi print server on Raspberry Pi with 5MP IR camera,
own design of ball-bearing spool holders and PTFE tube holders

Enclosure keeps heat and noise inside, humidity out.
All filament is stored in 90um bags with Drypak 70g desiccant bags inside.


that looks quite professional! Awesome


The DeWalt case has an o-ring seal and holds the 4 spools for the MMU along with some desacant.

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I play with these fine specimens. The King and the Queen. CoreXY all belted xyz for a smooth wobble free ride

Can only post one. Here is the original V-King


Here is the Queen

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Awww nice dragon
Also nice Delta. I still need one of those