Single-extruder color-print for face plates?


I want to achieve an effect like this on a single extruder, non-MMU printer:

I think it should be possible and described my train of thought here: (as a new user I’m too limited to make a picture and link heavy post here, sorry)

The gist of the question is: how to have a slicer print one color at time for a layer, then wait for a manual filament change and continue the layer?


cura has a pause at layer height, if I remember correctly


Yeah, so does Slic3rPE. But I want pauses during the layer.




and this:

is all you need :wink:

you can set 1 extruder for each color and then put a M600 in the toolchange gcode :wink:


Hah! I knew someone must have had thought of that before. The faked multi extruder sounds simple enough. Excellent. Thanks for the pointers.


My bad, reading might help.