size of picture attachments



can you tell me how big (dimensions and storage size) can be a picture so that I can you the attachment from the forum?


By trail and error I would say 512MB

Tom, can you give us more space? Otherwise people will post the imaes to 3rd party sides and in half a year they might be gone and the thread will become less useful for others.


More size is not necessary in my opinion.
It is important to know the max. size or max. storage size.
This information we must see in every post, when we want to upload a picture.


I’m using as 3rd party service for all forums I participate since years now.

  1. Everything I upload there stays there.
  2. the service is free, but I donate from time to time.
  3. Reduces my 4K Images to a reasonable size on upload
  4. produces BB compatible code
  5. I’ll save space for the forum owner as disk space is most likely more limited than traffic.

Regards Richard


Ok I think the maximum file size is 500 KB. Is that correct?
And can please a administrator write down the max. size in the “Attachments” menu?


Looking into it later tonight


Just use irfanview “save for web” (for windows at least)

My last posted foto was 1.1MB.


pushed to 5 mb - just don’t overdo it with the photos please. Storage isn’t totally free yet


In my opinion it is 2 mb enough.
The problem is still go on. I can’t see any information about solution and size in the attachment menue.


Mh, thx for the hint, will check out