SKR 1.3 Heated Bed Issue

Hi, i have skr 1.3. I decided make a heated bed my printer. Everything is done but something wrong my board. Firstly doesn’t have heated bed settings on my LCD then i change bed termistor code 0 to 1 in configiration.h. I read 120degrees without NTC and if i plug it it change little bit. I measured thermistor connector on board. It has 3 thermistor connector and two of them has 3.3v and my failed connector has 1.6v?. Also i try to measured thermistor resistor on board, my failure connector’s resistor must be 4.7k but resistor is different value on borad(I pull up this and its give 4.7k). So i can’t use heated bed.

What is going wrong and what can i do?

Note: NTC is 100k 3590 and 125k on 20 degrees

Anyone know this?..

can you provide your configuratiuon files ?

Configuration.h =
Also i checked c15 capacitor, it failured and i change it but unfortunately same as before.

Can i fix that or use other thermistor connector?

Finally i solve this. Firstly thermistor’s capacitor is failure and because of i see wrong value on screen. After then i replaced it but i can’t properly solder resistor so its give wrong value again. Now both are okey and i see true value. Thanks for help

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