Stainless Nozzle


Hi everybody,

Anyone has experience with Stainless nozzles? mine so far is a bit strange, so here i am asking to share your thoughts.

I was running a standard brass nozzle, then it got wear-off and i decided to install a stainless steel one.
Same filament, same model, same printer… just the nozzle changed… i have no layer adhesion.

Stainless steel conduce less heat than Brass, so i rise the nozzle temp +10C… still very poor layer adhesion, but now more closer to the bed, he upper portion of the model is good enough.

i raised another +10C (i’m at 230C now on normal PLA), still printing fine but the first 2-3 mm have less adhesion than the rest of the model… what it could be? is it normal to increase the temperature so much just for the nozzle material?

Thanks for your help!!



Hi Marco, welcome to the forum. Maybe an obvious question, but did you readjust your z-offset after you swapped nozzles?


Hi Stephan,

yes sure… the print comes out perfect, first layer without touching BabyStepping…

Just the adhesion issue in the first 2-3 mm of the print.


Steel has a heat capacity about 20% greater than brass. What happens if you give the nozzle more time to heat before using?


HI Stephan,

I normally heat the bed and nozzle before launching a print. SO i would say that at the time of the print the nozzle is indeed hot.

I’ve been experimenting and at the moment i found a ‘sweet’ point for this filament: 240 C’ AND 50% fan.
the exact same filament on brass nozzle was: 210-215 C’ and 100% fan.

Quite a difference. I will need to check with other filament, but for the moment i’m happy i get very solid prints out.

Just wondering if anybody has experienced the same wide gap between the two different nozzles.