Starting to come together

Last nights Print

660g of HIPS
The other side with 1 of the 3d printed Nylon/4mm bicycle bearing balls bearings inserted

We need 4 of those already got 3 so 1 more to go
Here is the rack setup printing that will lift the robot

Double helical 1.84 mm modulus on a 14.5deg pressure angle and a 30 deg helix which translates on the rack to an effective 2.125mm modulus We need 4 of those and 48 bearings of which we have most already printed. So this is going to be a busy printing week. when done it will hopefully elevate our robot and enable it to climb a 19 inch platform. Drive up push itself up with the 2 rack setups that have wheels drive fwd until the front wheels are on the platform retract one rack move fwd until the rear wheels are up too and retract the rear rack set. The rack is a double rack with a gear set on each side that meshes so to negate any deflection the double helical makes it self aligning and the double setup top and bottom gives it some grip in every direction - at least that is the intent. Just to illustrate that our way of printing is driven by different needs. No nice models here Just stuff that hopefully survives battle.

And here is one of the power of 3DP. when its done it will have eaten up a little over 4 kg of HIPS so a little less than $ 40 of HIPS and about $8 in bearing balls and $15 in bridge Nylon for the bearings. and about $12 in hex aluminum shaft for the bearings and gears. So all in all less than $100 - so do that in metal and CNCing it - if you can cut double helical gears and racks

2 finished 2 more to go 400 grams of HIPS. And lol - found out with this one you can print past the edge of the build plate with a Chiron. Now Prusa Slicer will warn you if the item is greater than the build plate no warning here as this one is 397mm on 400mm build plate but the 10mm brim - Prusa Slicer happily sliced it past the build plate now it looks like the print is holding on to the build plate lol

And some stats
Material: Hobby King HIPS
Printer: Anycubic Chiron
Part: 2 Double racks with 13.6mm square hole in the center for an 1/2in al. Shaft for reinforcement if necessary and to make concatenating easier. In this case we will stick 2 together to get close to 770mm usable rack 2.125 modulus 30 deg helix angle 14.5 deg pressure angle.
Head temp 255
Bed temp 105
Slicer Highlights. Prusa Slicer Speed governed at 16.5 mm3/sec. .8 nozzle outside perimeter .9mm inside 1.3mm Print outside perimeters first. .4mm layer height supports on (pain to clean up but it needs it)