STL scale on importing to CAD (Fusion 360)


I’ve been migrating from TinkerCad to Fusion 360 of late and have now created a variety of designs from scratch.

I now need to make a new design, which is effectively a remix of an existing STL file (original CAD files are not available). But when I import the STL file into Fusion 360, the dimensions are all wrong. This used to work fine in TinkerCad.

I’m aware that STL files are dimensionless. Even so, when I drag an STL into Slic3r and print it, everything comes out at the correct scale.

My question is therefore, how do I import an STL into Fusion 360, preserving the correct scale, so that when I eventually export from Fusion 360 to Slic3r and print, everything comes out the right size?

Many thanks,