Suggestion: Printer Specific Sections


Having sections for specific printers or printer brands (eg. Prusa i3, Ultimaker, makerbot) would nice for cataloging questions that tailor specifically to that that printer. Having a moderator move questions that are general enough to go in a general questions section would be nice.

Also a section for Printer mods or mod guide would be pretty cool and would be a way for people show their cool printer mods as well as help other users improve their printer in a similar way!


I totally agree on that :slight_smile:
All the Prusa clones-related questions could probably be answered by owners of any other clone I guess :slight_smile:


I think it is a great idea. each printer will have a sub-forum where people can ask questions, each one on an independent thread. and all the subforums together in an area. This way looking for a solution will be really easy


Will talk about it with Tom later, thx for the suggestion


Tom likes the idea, will setup the Forums tonight (CET)


First draft