Tevo Tornado, Z homing with BLtouch runs into bed

Bug Description

Just got a tevo tornado in and wanted to make it silent. Got a SKR 1.4 turbo with 2209 btt and a bltouch. After countless sleepless nights and flashing firmware x100 I am still not there.

It can home x and y, but when homing z in runs into the bed. the bltouch does nothing! I am sure its an easy fix but I just can’t find it after working on the code for multiple days in a row. I just want to use it not fix it. Can’t attach a config file. How to?Please help

My Configurations


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Turn on printer
  2. G28
  3. G29

Expected behavior: home x, y then z. Z with BLtouch

Actual behavior: homes x and y, then goes to the middle and runs down into the bed until the endstop is triggered. If you follow the g29 it sending probe error.

Additional Information


Also using a microswiss hotend with direct drive extruder, that is lower i believe? Still why is it not using the bltouch, Offset is -57 -19 -3.2 nozzle to probe