Threaded Rods Dolly Clone

Hi everyone i’m newbie and a making the dolly clone 3d Printer, i have issues to find metric rods in my country, here working in imperials size, i want to know if can use this size instead the metrics:

3/8-16 instead M10x1.5
5/16-18 instead M8x1.25
10-24 instead M5x0.8

Sorry for my bad english.


The M10 and M8 threaded rods can be swapped with the approximate ones you mention,
however you may want to check the fit of a 10-24 nut in the x ends before purchasing the 10-24 rods. That is one part of the build where you are better off opting for proper lead screws if possible. If it is not possible and if the nut does fit, be sure to pick the straightest 10-24 rods you can find. I built an i3 based on the i3 Mk1 design and a cheap acrylic frame using substituted M8

I think it is cheaper to buy nema 17 with integrated T8 rod’s.
I got mine for $15 each on aliexpress with a metal nut, which i replaced later with a 3d printed one.
With the coupler crap you will always have issues.
I wish i had bought them early and never uses the M5 rods.
Its cheap but it isn’t good.

Thank you, i like that option, can you give me the stl version for use T8 lead screw?


this is the one i designed for my Dolly.

Thanks, but that is T8 Nut, i meant the x-end-idler and motor, actually is for M5 rods.

I seems the original Prusa i3 mk2 z,x parts is for T8 lead screw, is right?

An the Dolly X axis part the only thing is changed is the endtop holder on the motor side.
there a 3d printed part is used to use a M5 rod.