TMC2030/REPETIER/RAMPS1.4/smart adaptor


Hello All,
I decided to run a printer on Ramps 1.4 using Repetier firmware but I have the LCD display adaptor fitted in Auxiliary3. I followed Tom`s utube video and sucessfully done the TMC2130 with Various hiccups. One was that my TMC2130 were repeatedly knocked down when I ran the Arduino with via my laptop.
I managed to solder the 3 pins below the Ramps 1.4 Board to MOSI (pin51) , MISO(pin50) and SCK(pin52) terminals. Can someone advise how it is possible to utilise free pins on AUX2 which is free?

Tried to search Repetier firmrware without any success which part of the firmware allocates the TMC2130 pins from the trinamic board to these pins. The idea is to assign alternative pins on AUX2.

I found information how to do this on Marlin but implimentation on Repetier is as rare as hen`s teeth.
any help appreciated.