TMC2130 SPI Dual Z on MKS Gen 1.4


I have some issues getting my second Z motor to move.
Setup is as follows:

Marlin: latest 1.1.x bugfix
Board: MKS Gen 1.4
TMC2130: Watterott




M122 output:

Sorry for not putting in proper links but as a new user it seems I can’t do more than two.

I have wired up everything for SPI and wireless homing according to

The problem is that E1 is never recognised (see m122 output) and thus the second axis is not moving. If I just switch the Z and E1 drivers without changing cabling the second axis moves but the first doesn’t. So I guess it’s some kind of config issue.

I have looked too long at it that I might miss the obvious. Does anyone have any clue what might be wrong?



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Welcome i added the links and you are now a basci user

Hi Johannes,

Welcome to the forum. We’ll definitely need to see those files. Is there a reason you didn’t connect the z-steppers in parallel?