TMC2130 z-axis sporadic behavior

Hey there!

I’ve been having random issues with my new setup.

My current setup is:

  • Rumba plus board from aus3d.
  • TMC2130 installed on all drivers.
  • Frame is an old Anet A8 clone.
  • Firmware is Marlin bugfix 2.0.x

The issue is the z-axis, specifically, when homing or executing long z-moves, one of the leadscrews would stop spinning randomly while the other moves for a few seconds before resuming.

The important configurations (as far as I can understand) can be seen below:

#define X_DRIVER_TYPE TMC2130
#define Y_DRIVER_TYPE TMC2130
#define Z_DRIVER_TYPE TMC2130
#define Z2_DRIVER_TYPE TMC2130
#define E0_DRIVER_TYPE TMC2130
#define E1_DRIVER_TYPE TMC2130


  #if AXIS_IS_TMC(Z)
    #define Z_CURRENT     1350
    #define Z_MICROSTEPS   32

  #if AXIS_IS_TMC(Z2)
    #define Z2_CURRENT    1350
    #define Z2_MICROSTEPS  32

All other axis work perfectly well.

It might be important to mention, that when one of the z-motors stop, I can move it with my hand until it “snaps into position” and resumes moving.


Hi ebuyum, welcome to the forum! If a stepper becomes loose (not locked in position) and then “snaps” when you turn it a little, that suggests to me that one of the two coils is not working properly.

If you are certain that the motor is ok, check for a break (disconnection) in the wiring. Secondly, swap your drivers, just in case you have a bad one.


Hey Stefan, thank you for your reply!

Apparently, I did not have tmc_debug enabled correctly.

Once enabled, I saw that both z drivers were overheating. I reduced the current to 800mA which solved the issue.


Didn’t see that coming! Glad to hear you got it sorted.