TPU + ABS/PLA/PETG Dual Extrusion



I’m thinking about upgrading to dual extrusion. I want to be able to print multi-material with TPU in combination with ABS/PLA/PETG. My question is now what kind of dual extruder I would be most suitable for this setup. I could think of:

  • Dual direct drive (probably at least one of them with dual drive hobbed gears for the TPU)
  • One direct drive (for the TPU) and one Bowden for the ABS/PLA/PETG (to reduce weight)
  • Some people have reported success in printing TPU with Bowden extruders, so maybe that’s also an option?
  • A Prometheus-type of extruder multiplexer (I don’t think it’ll work well with flexible materials, but I’ve read a report or two of users having made that work.
  • A direct-drive system with a flex-shaft, so the extruder motors are not mounted on the X-carriage.

Or is the better solution to design parts as separate TPU and PLA/ABS/PETG components that need to be assembled and print them one a single extruder?

Looking forward to your input!

Update: Added 5th option.